HSBC&L is proud to offer the following banking and laundry products, for your cleanliness and convienence.

debit card

Simple and Clean Debit Card

A card that’s recognized around the globe, and is also the simplest and saftest to manage your coin. All your information is stored in the magnetic strip, and if you look really hard, you might find our secret message on the EEPROM chip.


Fresh Scent Credit Card

We have deployed our newest java card technology to secure all your banking needs. The card that fits your squeaky clean lifestyle – whether you’re looking to accrue clean rewards for everyday buys, want the flexibility of low interest rates to manage debt from your real estate venutures, or need to build sweet smelling credit.

card reader

Smart Card Reader

Ever need to rewrite your cards, or just to see what is inside? Fear not, because our smart card readers can support both our debit and credit cards.