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DefCon 27 Results

HSBC&L Announces Closure of Las Vegas Pop Up Branch HABC&L's Las Vegas branch, serving DEF CON attendees and all their banking and laundry needs, is now closed. We thank our hundreds of loyal customers, but with the mysterious cash losses mounting we made the difficult decision to close the branch. We hope all our affected customers remember us fondly, and come back next year to try out our improved ATM systems.

DefCon Leaderboard
  • Customers: 163
  • Unexplained Cash Losses: $4,058
  • Bribes paid: $234.32
  • Bribes Recieved: 2 cocktails, 3 beers, a T shirt, and $42 worth of electrical equipment
  • T Shirts given out: 150
  • Laundry loads: 0
  • Arrests: 0

Thank you everyone who participated in our CTF!
See you next year!