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Banking and a CTF that fit your life

Welcome to HSBC&L's CTF Challenge! For this year we've decided to open up our very own, very legit banking service. The Happy Save Banking Corporation (and laundry service) automated banking solution is safe, simple, convenient and impervious to all hax. We ask you, the best, the brightest, the 3l33t, to call upon your 5k1llz and help us test our system and back up our entirely realistic claims.

HSBC(&L) values our customer experience. To get started, please:

1. Get two bankcards and a smart card reader at the Columbia University or Cooper Union career office. Columbia Students will have to get a card reader from CRF.

For CSAW 2019 participants, come by our ATM location and speak to our representatives to open an account:

Thursday 11am-late - Makerspace, Tandon School of Engineering, 6 MetroTech Center, Rogers Hall, Room 118
Friday 9am-4pm - NYU Brooklyn Athletics Facility, 6 MetroTech Center
6 MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY 11201

2. Go to your school's HSBC&L ATM location and press the pupmoney button to get further instructions.

3. Read through the developer's portal (instructions are on the ATM receipt) and developer's page on the website for challenges, hints and rewards.

4. Register your name and cards at the leaderboard.

5. Start hacking!